Sobriety Support

Sobriety and Recovery Programs for Previous Addicts in Westlake Hills 

Sobriety Support: Texas Recovery Programs | Jobi Center for Counseling - sobriety-woman-smilingAs an individual with over 17 years of sobriety under her belt, Jobi understands what it takes to get sober and maintain a healthy recovery for the long haul.

Getting sober sometimes requires a higher level of care, such as a residential or intensive outpatient treatment center. Staying sober, however, requires something a little different. At Jobi Center for Counseling, we take a fresh approach to sobriety support. Being a licensed counselor, Jobi can give you the resources you need to stay sober even during the most intense urges for alcohol or drugs.  

“Speaking with Jobi really helped me out when I needed it the most.”
...We are so thankful that we found Jobi. Our family life improved in so many ways after working with her. Prior to that our life was in disarray and our son was struggling with substance abuse. Thanks to her warm, caring approach and her knowledge and skills, our family was restored and has been able to experience continued healing... A Past Client | Read More Testimonials