Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Eliminate the Urge to Drink Once and For All – Alcohol Treatment in Westlake Hills

Alcohol Abuse Treatment | Westlake Hills, TX | Jobi Center for Counseling - alcohol-addictionAlcohol addiction is a daily struggle, but one that can be eliminated with perseverance and help from Jobi Center for Counseling

Alcohol is debatably the most easily-accessed addictive substance available today. With it being in bars, grocery stores, and work or family outings, saying no can be nearly impossible. It’s a tricky substance, as it’s difficult to walk the line between having a good time and depending on it to have a good time; pretty soon you’re only depending on it to have any life at all. While you may feel trapped, embarrassed, and stuck, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Jobi Center for Counseling is here for anyone in the Austin, Texas area to help you escape alcohol addiction and work toward the vibrant life you’re capable of living. 

How to determine if it is time to ask for help:

  • You’ve Considered That You Drink Too Much – If you’re questioning how much you’re drinking, this is a red flag. You know yourself best, and if you’re unsure if you drink too much, trust your intuition.
  • Others Are Showing Signs of Concern – Has anyone ever told you to slow down on your drinking or that you drink far too often? Have you gotten defensive or upset? When those who care about us show concern, this is another sign of a potential problem.
  • You Drink to Deal with Life Struggles – Long day at work? Fight with a friend or your spouse? When you turn to alcohol as a comfort source, you give it the power to govern your mood.
  • Drinking Alone or During the Day – Do you feel the need to drink without being in a social setting? What about the urge to drink during the day? These both contribute toward an alcohol problem and are telltale signs to ask for help.

If any of the above sound familiar, it’s time to talk about it.

Jobi’s approach to alcohol treatment is compassionate and understanding, letting you know that it is okay to talk about. Her focus is getting you toward sobriety and preparing you for the road ahead. Getting sober is a journey, but one that she will help you with every step of the way. Her 12-step programs and easily-attainable goals allow you to reconnect with the person you were before succumbing to alcohol. 

Alcohol can be a think of the past. Contact Jobi Center for Counseling today to begin your journey toward sobriety. 
“Speaking with Jobi really helped me out when I needed it the most.”
...We are so thankful that we found Jobi. Our family life improved in so many ways after working with her. Prior to that our life was in disarray and our son was struggling with substance abuse. Thanks to her warm, caring approach and her knowledge and skills, our family was restored and has been able to experience continued healing... A Past Client | Read More Testimonials