Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Sobriety is Possible – Substance Abuse Counseling in Westlake Hills

The battle you’ve been fighting with drugs and/or alcohol can end, you just need the support of a licensed counselor.

Jobi Center for Counseling recognizes the potential of each recovering patient. Jobi’s mission is to create and hold a healing space where individuals can reclaim and discover their truth. By taking that first step and getting help, she can help you elevate your true potential. Browse Jobi’s areas of drug and addiction recovery expertise below to open the door to a new you.

“Speaking with Jobi really helped me out when I needed it the most.”
...We are so thankful that we found Jobi. Our family life improved in so many ways after working with her. Prior to that our life was in disarray and our son was struggling with substance abuse. Thanks to her warm, caring approach and her knowledge and skills, our family was restored and has been able to experience continued healing... A Past Client | Read More Testimonials