Are you having difficulty communicating with your teenager?

Are you having difficulty communicating with your teenager? - Counseling & Addiction Recovery Blog | Jobi Center for Counseling - logoJoin HERdacity on Thursday, May 30, as Jobi Weinstein, LPC, LCDC, talks about the strengths and weaknesses of communication in the parent/child relationship.  We will also look at the ever-so-confusing difference between adolescent experimentation with drug/alcohol use and true addiction. RSVP for free today: 

Teenage Substance Abuse

What is adolescent Substance Use Disorder? Many people think that substance use issues are defined by whether or not a person can stop using. While this is certainly a factor, it is not the most significant one. As clinicians we are looking...

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...We are so thankful that we found Jobi. Our family life improved in so many ways after working with her. Prior to that our life was in disarray and our son was struggling with substance abuse. Thanks to her warm, caring approach and her knowledge and skills, our family was restored and has been able to experience continued healing... A Past Client | Read More Testimonials